Monday, January 7, 2013

About Dallas

State your name   Dallas

Were you named after anyone?  The vintage soap Dallas. J.R ring any bells?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?  Make coffee

What was the last song or album you downloaded? Song: Ghosts N Stuff by Deadmau5 Album: Give'n It by Pepper

Who's in your ultimate celebrity sandwich? I'm a book nerd so I have "book boyfriends" not celebs. Someone totally alpha, takes what he wants, domineering but sensitive. Can you tell I read a lot of smut? He's out there though.

Do you believe happiness is a given or something you have to work at? I think we are predisposed to happiness. It's life's bullshit that takes it away. That saying, I'm actually a very happy easy breezy person. If I have a problem, I fix it. Life's too short to waste away wanting something you can have. That's being stagnant, not living.

What's the next thing planned in your life you are looking forward to? Girls weekend in Feb. Charlotte NC

When was the last time you cried?  Got my feelers hurt when I knew better, very recently.

Do you believe time heals? If that shit were true, why do I still have urges to neuter my high school boyfriend?

Manual or battery operated? Depends on how much time I have to dedicate to the mission.

Favorite quote?  “Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful. The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.” 

Do you think men should partake in personal grooming?  I was never into metro guys with overly sculpted brows, fully shaved chests, and perfect "messy" hair. I do however appreciate a good trim job. I'm not flossing, ya know?

Name the song the gets you moving?  This question needs clarifying. Like work out playlist? Well, when I run it's stuff like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Aoki, Benassi&Biz, bass heavy hip hop etc. All other times my tastes are pretty eclectic. Can't name just one I guess.

What is your favorite body part? The "dip" at the lower neck, that beautiful spot on a man at the bottom of his back right where the cheekies start, ribs, behind the ears..... Seriously, bad question!

Any fears we should know about? Being on a bridge during an accident or earthquake and sleeping outside overnight.

What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory in your closet? This ones hard, I have 3... Black leather moto jacket, ultra skinny dark denim jeans, and my See By Chloe black booties.

When you lost your virginity, was it what you expected?  Bhahahaha. Major let down. Maybe that's my fault for having high expectations.

Last book you read? Captive in the Dark

Is love constant or ever evolving in and out? It's constant but involves many shades of grey.  I believe you can at one time be in love with someone but eventually wind up loving them as just a friend. Hence, many shades.

Opinion on tattoos and body piercing? Yes and Yes. I have 3 tattoos and have had 8 body parts pierced over the years. The whole look is very appealing.

When was the last time you literally laughed out loud? About 15 minutes ago when my girlfriend texted me a picture of penis with a caption about being ambidextrous.

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