Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meg-Oh yes I am-Leg Day!

I am at the gym...again!

Kids are happy playing down at kids stuff and happy about it.

I am currently on the elliptical sweating like a piggy. My usual routine consists of 30-45 on the elliptical. I do the double mountain and use the elliptical without arms. I like this time to concentrate on my thighs. The arms on cardio are useful for keeping your heartrate up...I don't have an issue with this. So I go arm free--personal choice.

Next I meander over to the mats and do about 5 minutes of stretching and depending on my day ill do at least 15 minutes of core.

After core I am starting to re-incorporate more weights. Thing is I build muscle fast and can quickly become "man-ish". So now that I've toned down to 165 pounds (I'm 5-8") I'm wanting to build more muscle. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn sleeping as my good friend once told me.

Monday I lifted arms, yesterday I lifted chest, today I am going to torture my legs.

Up first I'm thinking squats with about 90# on my body weight, aiming for 3 sets of 15 reps, then cardio walking lunges, then leg extensions (quads), cardio of rapid knee raises on the bosu, followed my hamstrings, abductors and funally adductors (inner and outter thigh). I'm aiming to be here for 90 minutes.

By keeping the workout moving and alternating cardio and strength you're giving yourself an interval workout which burns higher calories than cardio alone or weight lifting alone.

Most of what I do, can be done at home! Do some body weight squats and lunges! Move it!

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