Monday, January 14, 2013

Dallas- Detox for Dummies

It's that time again!

I haven't done a detox since the beginning of last summer so my body is READY. I usually do this twice a year to get my body clear of the toxic nasties and ready for me to eventually mess it up again.

There are many ways to detox and cleanse the body. I avoid all over the counter pills and gimmicks and do it naturally. If you google (bless google) for different detox diets you will have a slew of ones to choose from. I have done a 3 day juice one which was all sorts of awful and in the end I didn't feel the change in my body but just really hungry and still suffering from caffeine and sugar withdrawals.

The one I tend to go back to is a 7 day detox followed by an additional 3 weeks of super foods. It also has forms of protein to keep you going. After two weeks I have always felt so much better it makes the dread of starting it a little more tolerable.

This time I have Meg with me to suffer along. We started today and I have had a dull headache since noon and if I see blueberries I might just hurl. I just want to boil myself in the bath and go to bed to wake up to day 2. I forgot to weigh myself today since that aspect of detoxing is always interesting. Losing weight isn't my goal but it naturally happens when doing these things. Next time I'm stuffing my face with a sugar cookie piled high with frosting I need to remember the absolute shit feeling I have right now. Like going to bed after a girls night out and my pores leak vodka while I'm sleeping it off. Fun times!

Wish us luck on our journey....

- The pic of Kate in a bikini sporting the flattest stomach known to man kind will serve its will power purpose.

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